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 Ali cheap moncler Livingston, Wholesale 2015 women's moncler jackets with free shipping, aka Ali, a lover of everything ski from Revelstoke. Read this interview in a Scottish accent, because that is where this guy hails from.

Inbounds or out? It really depends on the day?weather, snow/avalanche conditions and who I’m with being the main factors. The resort here is a great fun with endless cliffs and pillows to be found inbounds, stashes of powder can be found even days after it last snowed if you know where to look. I ski the moncler outlet evy slackcountry frequently and also enjoy a mission up into Rodgers Pass for a ski tour when possible, the mountains around here are incredible with every kind of terrain you can dream of.

Favorite skiing experience?

Too many to choose from! I’ve had some awesome resort days here in Revy since I first arrived. But my most enjoyable and rewarding days have come ski-touring in the BC moncler jackets outlet backcountry, nothing beats skiing untouched pillows or steep & deep lines with friends!

Worst skiing experience? When I broke my wrist in Switzerland as a kid, I was skiing through the park in a complete white out and had a big stack off one of the kickers, pretty silly of me but you live and learn! Losing a ski in the backcountry wasn’t my greatest day either?/p>

Funniest skiing experience? Gaper day at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado a few seasons back. It’s basically a day of party skiing and endless high 5’s where everyone dresses up in retro gear that would probably embarrass most people’s parents, don their finest fake moustaches and dust off their snowblades/ridiculously large ski poles cheap moncler jackets . We had a big group of 10/15 guys and girls all dressed up like idiots playing wizards that made for a hilarious day out.